Jesus warned us.
Will we listen?


You learn why earthquakes are increasing.
Earth may soon end because of it.
But you can’t tell anyone.


When lonely and divorced Jonathan Wilkens pries open an old locked box that his daughters find in his Grandmother’s attic, its contents lead him to a paranoid old hermit still conducting secret research started by his deceased Grandfather. EnDvironment. It shows how production of oil, coal, dams and cities is shifting so much weight across tectonic plates, that it is now triggering more frequent and severe earthquakes––data that sinister forces want to keep hidden at any price, even murder. As Jonathan becomes more tormented by the terrifying forces controlling his life, he meets and falls in love with Cindy. Can he risk telling her about EnDvironment and the killers? Even worse. How can he protect her and his new family and still warn those who will listen––that these earthquakes are pushing us toward the end-time environmental catastrophes foretold by Jesus?

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God provides the moments.

We provide the choices.