Jesus warned us.
Will we listen?


This is why earthquakes are increasing.
This is why they’ll get worse.
But you better not tell anyone, or else.

When Jonathan’s daughters find an old locked box in his Grandmother’s attic, its strange contents lead to a paranoid old hermit still conducting secret research started years ago by his Grandfather. Jonathan fearfully learns that our rampant production of oil, coal, dams and cities moves so much weight around our planet, it’s triggering a rise in frequent and severe earthquakes––data that sinister forces want to keep hidden at any price, even murder. Divorced and lonely, tormented by growing terrors, he meets and falls in love with Cindy, an answer to his prayers. Should he risk their lives by telling how our technology is pushing us toward the environmental catastrophes foretold by Jesus?

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God provides the moments.
We provide the choices.