Today marks a celebration of Jesus’s resurrection from the dead. Worth noting if you’d like to live beyond this earthly life.

Now I know that what I just wrote could sound foolish to many readers. Live beyond this life? What’s he talking about? Doesn’t he know that we evolved from pond scum, apes and that there is no God?


There are many things here on Earth that we don’t fully understand. Some of us think that if you can’t see, hear, taste, smell or touch something, it doesn’t exist, even though radio waves remain unseen, natural gas is odorless and love has no height or width.

Could it be that there is a part of us that goes beyond the five senses? Maybe we have eight, but for some reason, we only use five. Maybe we’re evolving toward using the full eight, and that is what some people call the spiritual realm.

Spirit does not have to be separate from technology and science, does it? Why can’t spiritual things simply be highly advanced technology that we’re not equipped to operate? Maybe spirit is bio-tech on a whole different level, where through death, we shed the limitations of our five senses and graduate to the university of spirit.


I didn’t make the rules. But I have discovered through many experiences that believing is a key part of “graduating” to the next level. And, that’s why Jesus came. To teach those around him that there’s more to life than what you think. He was murdered by the Hebrew mafia and the big-time Romans (who kept excellent records). Then, he came back to life and hung out here on Earth for about a month before he left Israel in that form.

Could “believing” be an added sense that we can tap into here in this life––a sense that helps us cross into the extended life promised us by God? Could this life be the beta version, sperm-egg genesis of our intellectual choices, which then launches our 2.0 and beyond?

Spirit is really high tech bio that’s way beyond our five senses. God, the master of technology, made us to evolve to the point where we can finally shed the deadly weight of pride in thinking that we know everything—based on only five senses. Spirit is high-tech bio, part of our Father’s great plan.

Speaking of plans, it’s too bad Adam and Eve thought God was a liar. God had to switch plans. Can’t have much of relationship with someone who thinks you’re a liar, can you? At the start, maybe Adam and Eve had eight senses and then God “grounded” them. Kind of like children who misbehave.

No matter male, female or whatever race a baby may happen to be, not one infant born into today’s life of five senses knows what a spoon is for or how to use one. We’re equally ignorant. It’s pure equality at its bio-engineered form. Then we learn our favorite ways to become different.

My prayer is that we all learn to “believe” what Jesus demonstrated to his disciples and followers, in order to help them get it, grasp it, and hang on to it–instead of trusting information that is only gleaned from five senses. There’s more to trusting God than meets the eye—or ear, or nose, or tongue, or fingers.

God bless you this Easter. And may you “believe” that Jesus loved us enough to do what he did, so he and our Father God could spoon feed enough trust into our infant intellects to evolve beyond pride.